Features of Hose End Lawn Sprayers

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In this segment we're talking about simple application equipment. Lot of hand sprayers and a lot of equipment that you use. You have to know how much chemical to mix in a gallon, then try to distribute the mixture over a certain number of square feet. These particular self metering sprayers are made in such away that they don't mix. Unless you're spraying and they don't mix any more than it takes to spray the area that you cover. When get through covering the area. You've applied the correct amount of chemical provided you have the rate on the nozzle set. The application rate is adjustable from tablespoons to teaspoons per gallon of water that passes through. You hook thing to end of you garden hose. You don't have to worry about pumping the thing up and making sure you maintain pressure or having a battery or anything like that. This thing runs off the water pressure in your water system. It also has a non-siphoning aspect to it. If you lay it down or the water pressure goes away, or the hose breaks, something like that. There's no siphon action that occurs. That suck some of the pesticide, consume back into your garden hose. They also cover a long, large area for each load. You can put the concentrate in there and it mixes it according to how many gallons you spray. The chemicals that you put in will be non-diluted. When you get through you can put them back in there original container rinse it out and it will be ready to use the next time.