Growing Banana Plants

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Growing and caring for Banana plants requires protecting them from cold weather. Learn how to grow Banana plants in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi. I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Greenthumb, for On Gardening. Talking about bananas, this one is a dwarf plant that's going to give you a full size banana. This is called a Grand Nanes banana and it's only going to get to be about six or seven feet tall, but it's going to give you a full chicita-type banana. We're going to get one that's the same size that you'd get in the store and, you know, we happen to have half a one here. You're going to get a full banana just like you buy and you're going to get it on a dwarf plant, and that's great. The problem in most areas, well, cold. Bananas don't like cold. They usually get frozen. If you've got this in a container you can bring it into a protected area, and we've thought for years we couldn't grow the large chicita-type banana outside of central America. Well, they've adapted some that you can grow in the US of A that you can grow in protected containers and get a nice sized fruit on a small sized plant. So that's the beauty of it. Often some of the ladyfinger bananas used to get to be 10, 15, 20 feet tall and they were kind of messy. This you can keep trimmed, keep it clean and have good results. For On Gardening I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Greenthumb.