Blooming Salvia Plants

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Salvia blooms in March but can bloom at other times of year as well. Learn how to help Salvia bloom in this free gardening video about the Salvia plant. View Video Transcript

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Here you see one that's already blooming. It was in the house for a while. So it wasn't in the cold weather. And the nice thing with this plant is that it blooms from March to the first frost. And there is one recommendation. I wouldn't plant it in very good soil because then it gets too high and by the first rain or wind it will just fall down and doesn't look very nice. The nice thing with this plant is that you can mow it. So that's easy to do. When you have the feeling it gets too thin on the ground and just everything is growing up then you cut it off a little bit or if you want it as a ground cover which some people do especially in shady places, just take the mower on the highest setting and mow it. But you shouldn't mow it after August because then it wouldn't have enough green left. So it's the ideal plant for people who don't want to water too much because this plant doesn't need too much water. You don't need to do a lot of things.