Temperature Tips for House Plants

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How to set the best temperature for house plants; get professional tips and advice from an expert on caring for indoor plants and flowers in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! My name is Austin Shepard and I am here with Expert Village. Today I am here to talk to you about plant temperature. If you have a plant such as an orchid which is a tropical plant, you are going to need to make sure that it is kept at a very very warm temperature. Compared to a standard plant like this one which is really just sort of meant to be in a window year round doesn't need to have any special temperature. I mean don't put it in freezing cold but it can be at room temperature while an orchid needs to be let's say in a room about 80 degrees and very humidity so humidity sometimes plays a factor in growing house plants as well. So make sure if you have a tropical plant, that you give it tropical surroundings. Sometimes you will have a household plant which can withstand cooler weather conditions. So take this paper white bulb, a lot of people associate the paper white flower with the winter because it is a plant that can grow from a bulb and bloom in the cool months of winter. All it needs is a little bit of water and a lot of sunshine.