Growing Plumeria Plants

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Hi I'm Stan DeFreites, Mr. Green Thumb for On Gardening. We talk about Plumerias; now they're an easy plant to grow and they're ones you can easily just take cuttings. Now my producer, Black Thumber Dave, took the four cuttings of these, stuck them in the container about a year ago, and three out of four lived. And you all know that three out of four parts of the government ain't bad. So it's good to have Plumeria's that you can take cuttings from. And you can see the beautiful blooms we have here up on top, and of course that's where they occur. Blooms will almost always occur on terminal growth. And of course when you've got these, we're going to go on from the top up here to the base down here. We've got a nice terracotta pot, this particular one has a dead steam. Now come in and you can cut off and say well okay, that one's totally dead.You can come back a little further, check it further. It's totally dead here. What do we do? We keep going until we find some live wood. And keep using your cutters, your scissors, keep going back down, if you have to like we have now, right down to the ground. This one we lost, but that's okay. If you've got three more, you can simply cut off another one of these pieces, put it into the ground into the pot, and you'll have four or five or six and often you'll have different colors if you start different types of Plumeria's in the same container. Easy to grow. For On Gardening, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb.