Personalize a Concrete Garden Bench

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Personalize concrete garden benches by putting glass circles in the concrete mold with the concrete mix. Learn how to personalize a concrete garden bench in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Farouk Ramadan

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Now I am gong to show you the different things you can do with your bench. This is the one here you saw us casting but I already have casted a couple of other benches and this one here I have used glass circles of different circles and put them inside the mold with tacky paper and put the concrete on top of them. They need to be sitting down on the tacky paper this way they don't lift up in the concrete when you shake up the mold so that is essential. This is one design, another design here is just cut pieces of stained glass that you just do the same, put them inside the mold and cast the concrete on top of them. You need to be sure not to shake the mold too much and have the concrete slip underneath the pieces of glass so these are three examples, one plain and you can stain it with the same color, or glass or you could also put anything you have, some coins, buttons, seashells, an old tile dish, give it character pretty much and make it unique. It is very flexible, use your imagination.