Materials for a Concrete Garden Bench

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Making a concrete garden bench requires premixed concrete, a wheelbarrow and a trowel. Learn how to make a concrete garden bench in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Now we are going to be talking about the materials you are going to need to make your concrete bench. We will start with the premixed concrete bag. You can buy a premixed concrete bag at your local hardware store. This bag here is an 80 pound bag but you can buy a 60 pound bag and it is easier to handle. In addition to the concrete you will need a wheelbarrow, this way you can mix your concrete into it. A nice mixing tub also will work too. A nice hoe like this one here will help you in mixing the concrete easier. To scoop the concrete into the mold you could use an old pan like this or a trowel. Also definitely you will need the mold. What we have here is the bench leg and in addition we have the bench seat. This one that is a curved bench seat and we have also straight bench seat. All these products you can find on the internet.