Lighting for Carnivorous Pitcher Plants

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Meat-eating plants like the pitcher plant need light just like regular plants, learn how to care for carnivorous plants like the pitcher plant in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! My name is Wes on behalf of and in this video segment I am going to talk to you about lighting for your sarracenias. If you want to know more carnivorous plants, you can visit us at So lighting is one of the most important parts of growing your sarracenias. For the most part, almost all of the sarracenia species need to be grown on outside or with natural light. This is because in their natural environments, they have a lot of highly intense sunlight. They grow in areas that have sunlight almost all day long and especially in these Southern species like the sarracenia flava and the sarracenia leucophylla they grow in the Southern United States. During the summer they have extreme amounts of sunlight. You can grow these plants very well outside in Northern areas like in New England but typically you can’t grow these plants inside under artificial lights. This particular plant the sarracenia purpurea is one slight exception. Some people have had success in the past with growing this plant inside under artificial lights but you need to make sure that this artificial light is very intense fluorescent light. You can grow your sarracenias under artificial light for a few months while they are first getting started off. These plants we grew from seeds. They are only a few months old but eventually we are going to have to bring them outside because the light level inside is just not intense enough.