Using Underground Pots in Your Garden

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Learn how to use underground pots in your garden in this free gardening video clip on garden planters, pots and flowers. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Peggy Robertson and I am here today courtesy of Expert In this clip, I would like to mention some unique ways to use pots underground. Now sometimes I will receive a beautiful plant and I want it to be outside in the summer but I want to bring it in the fall. What I would do is take it out of this decorative pot and put it in a plain clay pot. A clay pot is the best to use because I have going to be burying the pot in the ground. This pot is porous, it allows the water to equilibrate between the outside and inside of the pot so that I won’t get a dry section inside of the pot. I will also have a large hole at the bottom of the pot. I will transplant the flower into that pot. I will leave a big hole. I will set the pot in the ground and I will put the dirt level above the edge of the pot. Once again, so the clay and the pot do not start to dry out and pull water away from the plant. That is one way to get a flower to come back in the house. Now if you are like me and you see those tall decorative grasses at everybody’s place and you go I would love to have some but they grow so fast and spread so fast, use a pot. Plant them in the pot. The roots cannot get out of the pot. So as long as you don’t let them go seed all over the yard, they will stay small and contained and if the pot is buried below the ground just a little bit the roots generally will not come over the top so you will have the beauty of those big tall grasses swaying in the wind and without the trouble of chasing them onto your yard.