How to Water House Plants

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Now we've got both our plants planted. One of the things that we need to do now is water it in. This one I didn't leave too much of a reservoir for water. Usually you leave a little space. When I water it the soil will actually compact down a little bit. The same goes for here. Gently add some water. Just let that soak through and we'll come back. Same thing for the big one. Go from all sides just so it's evenly wet. So it's just not wet on one side of the plant. You want to get all the sides watered. On this one you can see that it sank a little bit, the soil, so just add a little bit more. I would probably let this dry down quite a bit before I watered it again. Especially this one. This one doesn't have very many roots and I wanted to search out water and set down roots. I'd keep both of them a little on the dry side before I water them again. Now we have both of them watered.