Types of Tomatoes for Garden

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To me, those are probably the most common plants for people to want to grow. Because they really are so much better when they are fresh and when you've grown your own. Now tomatoes are an ancient plant. They were developed down in Central America by the Aztec's. They actually came from Peru and the Incas but they are plants that have had a long long history. One of the things that have happened with tomatoes over the years is that there are hundred of varieties of tomatoes. What is very big right now are what is called Heirloom tomatoes. These are a variety of different looking tomatoes that have very different taste. It is fairly late in our season here so I only have a couple versions. This is your basic round tomato. This is probably a small Big Boy or something of that type but it is an Heirloom red tomato. This is called a striped German and it is a very tasty tomato. Don't worry about breaks like this. This is not going to affect the tomato. It is one of the reasons why Heirloom tomatoes are not grown commercially because they are not pretty enough usually for the store and people will avoid buying them. But as long as this is not a rotten piece of fruit, these breaks don't affect it. Striped German are delicious. I can't even begin to talk about all of the different varieties of tomatoes. So it I were to say that there are basically three different kinds. There is an eating or slicing tomato, there is a paste tomato and there are what are referred to as cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes and these are a couple of different kinds of grape tomatoes. Now these are all easy plants to grow. They do however take a up different space. Cherry tomatoes are easy to grow if all you have is containers and they are very rewarding and extremely tasty when fresh. Paste tomatoes are what you are going to grow if you want to make your own sauce and then the slicing tomato is always good to have. You know a nice fresh slice basic red slicing tomato. A Big Boy, an Early Girl, anything like that and then you have the more exotic tomatoes. Green Zebras, Striped German, Black Krims, Black Prince, they go on and on and they have exotic names and they are beautiful so get yourself a good seeds catalog and salivate over some lovely types of tomatoes.