Assembling a Concrete Garden Bench

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Assemble a concrete garden bench by putting the bench top on the legs or cementing the top to the legs. Learn how to assemble a concrete garden bench in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Now we are going to be talking about how to put your bench together. Once you find the place in the garden or the yard where you want to put it together you could set it up just like in this step like this, on top of it, or you could also mix some concrete mortar mix or grout and put it here on top and set the top on top of it like this, adjust it you know, pretty much make it look nice and even and it should be done. Now you can treat this bench by sealing it, putting sealer on it. You could acid stain it or you could have an already mixed colorant in the concrete. You don't have to enforce this bench. As you see the legs are close to each other so the seat doesn't have a big span so it is not going to crack. So it is plenty strong to sit down on and this is a one seater kind of bench.