Picking House Plants

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Hi! My name is Austin Shepard here with Expert Village. Today I will be talking to you about choosing the right kind of plant for you. So you are at the plant store and you see so many plants and flowers all around, it is hard to make that decision so think about these following things. Number 1, do you want to have a flower or a green plant? Something to think about. A flower most likely will bloom and then die. A flower is not going to be something that you will have for years and years unless you don't mind the flower blooming, dying and then blooming again if it is the right kind of flower. You can also get a plant such as this one. This plant never flowers but it keeps growing so if you want a plant that is going to grow and give your house or home a lot of character, you will get something like this one. If you want a plant that will grow very very quickly like a paper white, it is going to grow fast, it is going to shoot up and give off a very very great smell. But then once it is in full bloom, it will probably only last a week and then it will die. They are very temporary plants and sometimes you might just want that. So when choosing a plant, just think about the kind of plant that you know you can take care of. You are going to want to think about do you want this plant to be around a very long time or do I want a really vibrant colorful flower for a short amount of time.