Seasons in a Perennial Garden

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Most perennial plants will have their seasons that they actually do the best in. Yes, some of them do flower the whole season, but we have some that might be best in the springtime. For example, this one right here baptisia. You're not going to see any flowers on it now, but it's a beautiful bush and each of these pods right here was a nice brilliant blue flower probably coming out the end of May, beginning of June. Really a nice early plant, always looks the same, nice and full. I've heard these bushes can last for 50 years. Whether or not this one will last here for 50 years remains to be sane. Baptisia a nice spring plant. Then as you can see there's lots of them that do thrive in the summer time. The bell flower; nice purple flowers. They stay for probably a month and a half, two months, which is an actually nice summer time plant. Then again, you will have plants like this blue one here that just probably recently came out I'd say two weeks ago. Brilliant blue color, which is a good eye catcher. Then you have veronicas as you can see here, which probably right about a month ago. These are all your basic summer plants, but in the fall there's also a nice time for fall flowers too. This one right here is one of my favorites. This plant probably in the month of September will be covered with hundreds of tiny little daisies like a white cloud. Stands nice and straight, never gets tipped over. One of my favorite plants also and a nice fall plant. What I'll do is when these pass by, probably in another 3 weeks, I'll cut them right down to the ground. Rather than looking at these dead stocks, I'll cut them right down. They'll be green at the base and then you'll see this nice plant right here in the background, which should be just a white cloud of flowers. That's a nice thing for a fall plant to have.