How to Grow Potatoes in a Garbage Can

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Growing potatoes in a garbage can is a great way to keep them contained, so long as drainage holes are drilled into the bottom, drainage material is placed under the soil and the potatoes are not left out to freeze. Use a garbage can as a container to... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment, we're going to talk about how to grow potatoes in a garbage can, and it's really easy to do. You can grow almost any vegetable in a garbage can, or any plant. But there's a few tricks that I'll show you real quick. So when you're growing a potato in a garbage can, the trick is you have to have good drainage. So make sure and add some drainage holes in the bottom. Use either electric screwdriver or just a hammer and nail and cut some holes into it all over so that you have drainage, 'cause you don't want it sitting in water. And then you want good drainage, so put all kinds of compost, leaf clippings, grass clippings, sticks, stones, moss, anything in the bottom part of it so it has good drainage, and then put some great compost on top of that. And you can either start the plant by a potato itself. All you need is an eye. So you can actually cut the pie...potato into pieces, as long as you have eyes, it will grow, or you can start it by seed as well. And you don't want to start 'em too early in the season. You want to make sure it's at least sixty degrees or more outside, and make sure that there's no chance of frost at all at night. So you just plant the potato right into the garbage can at least two inches below the soil. That's all. And whether it's a seed, or a part of the potato itself, and it'll grow like a tomato. It's kind of like a vine, so you kind of just let it grow right into the garbage can itself and don't really let itself fall out of the garbage can 'cause it can break off. And that way, if you just leave everything within the garbage can, it will grow, bloom and produce more potatoes and in the fall, when everything starts dying back and it gets really cold at night and the greenery starts turning brown, just chop it off, pull up the potatoes, and you'll find that you'll have lots of potatoes to make it through the winter, and you have created a gorgeous garden for potatoes in your garbage can.