Adding Plants to Your Terrarium

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Hi, my name is Wes on behalf of Expert and in this video segment I am going to show you how to plant your plants inside of your tropical terrarium. If you want to know more about carnivorous plants and terrariums, you can visit us at So the first step when you are planting the plants inside of your terrarium is you want to decide after you selected the kind of plants that you want you want to decide where to place them inside of the terrarium. I usually do this by putting the plants inside the pots inside of the terrarium. The advantage of doing this is that you actually have not done any of the planting yet or any of the real work before you decide where to place the plants. The advantage of doing this is that you can see if your terrarium is going to be too crowded and you can get a good idea roughly on how your terrarium is going to look before you commit to planting any of the plants. So once you have a good set up you can go ahead and take the plants out and start to plant them. One general rule of thumb is to plant your biggest plants in the background. They are going to take up the most space so you don’t want them obscuring any of the small plants in the front. Now when you plant the plants you want to remove them from their pots. You want to make sure to remove as much soil from the root system as you can while being as gentle as possible and maintaining the root bulb. After you have removed the soil from the roots you want to make a nice hole with plenty of room to plant the plant. Place it inside of your terrarium and move the soil around the roots. Now with a plant like this you can see it is kind of flopping over. What we can use in this instance is some wire to secure it to the background of the terrarium. That is one of the advantages of using foam for a background like I have said before. So we are going to use two pieces of wire to secure different parts of this plant to the background. Once you got the background done you can go ahead and start planting the plants in the foreground and now you have successfully completed planting your terrarium.