How to Select Garden Shears

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When selecting garden shears, determine what types of stems or branches will be cut, use a pair of fine shears for clipping flowers, and find a pair of anvil shears for more aggressive cutting. Use a variety of gardening shears with advice from an... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb, and we're at Willow Tree Nursery in St. Petersburg, Florida. One of the questions people ask sometimes is: How do you pick gardening shears? Well, how big is the device that you're going to cut? Is it, you know, an inch? Two inch? A little, tiny, small piece? Is it a little, tiny flower that you're going to be cutting with? Now, you might want to get a real fine pair of shears like this if you're just going to cut some little, tiny flowers off, or if you want something a little bit bigger, you're going to use a pair of hand shears like this. Normally, they're going to pass each other, kind of like a pair of scissors. If they just come together and make a blunt cut, it usually kind of smashes or smushes the cutting as opposed to cutting through. So make sure you've got a nice anvil pair like this, I think, is probably the best. A pair like this is great if you're just going to do some little fine cutting, or get some big loppers if you need to take out some bigger branches on larger shrubs or trees. For ask, I'm Stan DeFreitas.