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Garden maintenance tips, pulling out weeds and dead flowers, stopping fungus, and cutting in this free garden video. View Video Transcript

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Hello my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing I'm telling you we have planted our beautiful vincas, our palm tree, we added the mulch but what do we do now? We got to maintain it throughout the year. One way of doing it is once a week pull out any weeds. Why? They are going to multiply, they are going to effect the vinca all those roots from the weeds are going to stop the growth for the vinca and we don't want that so pull them out. Now when you are with the vincas what you are going to do every time that one of the little flowers are dead pinch them out and I guarantee you, you are going to have a new flower within 2 weeks or so. That is how you are going to maintain it. Now when it comes to the palm the palm is very delicate like I said earlier we need to add right here look at that we got some fungus and you can use that fungus killer. If you don't have that I'm going to share a family secret on how to eliminate this fungus. This spray bottle add some water to it, half a bar of that ivory soap just cut into pieces and let it sit there overnight. You know it would be ready. What is going to happen you see this little brown leaf that is fungus and this is going to beat the fungus killer. I'm just going to attack it. You are just going to spray it everywhere like there is no tomorrow. What the ivory soap is going to do it got that special chemical that is going to keep any lady bugs away from your plant, any fungus, and it is going to be healthier. So this is a substitute of the fungus chemical. Now another thing you are going to do look at all this dead you got to clean it up. So get a pair of scissors, wash it through very thoroughly well. Believe it or not earlier what I did with alcohol cleaned the scissors and the reason we have to do that the palm tree is very delicate. Once you do any cutting to it any fungus would just penetrate the system and it is going to kill your palm. We don't want to do that. Another thing cut from the side, you do that, get your spray, and just spray there is never too much. Cause what you are doing you are going to create that seal so no fungus or nothing goes through the system of your palm. It is going to remain healthy. Well these here are just some of the few tips that you can do in maintain your garden to be beautiful and this is how we maintain our garden.