Organic Parsley Garden Bed Preparation

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A good organic parsley garden bed should include loose dirt and no weeds. Learn to prepare your garden bed from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Ok now were going to prepare the bed and I here that we have our red tail hawk he's talking to me saying what are you doing in my space here. But were going to dig out where we walk here trying to build the bed up. We don't care if we get some weeds down in there and cut them up. Build this bed up here. This dirt down here is really rich because I mulched this path in all last year with different mulches and now its broken down. You can see it?s nice and dark and rich. OK and then were going to take the rake were going to rake this bed out. Make it nice and uniform and easy to work. Were busting up the ground. Making sure there?s no more weeds. No rocks and we'll pick out any weeds that happen to turn up here. We don't want them competing with the parsley seeds.