Course Studies to Become a Florist

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Course studies to become a florist are available at many community colleges or specialty schools, but the best way to get into the industry is to start working in a florist's shop. Find classes to learn about being a florist with information from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to talk about course studies to become a florist, and what are, or what is a course study to become a florist? Well, pretty much anyone can become a florist. There's no real certification that's required. As long as you have a love for plants and flowers, you can become a florist, and so the easiest way that I've found to become a florist, is to work part-time for a florist, and that way you can learn everything, but it's also important to take some courses, and there's a lot of different courses that you can take, through the community school, or the local college, that can help too. Even landscape classes, or plant identification classes, or dried flower arranging, or silk flower arranging, all of them will help you, and there's a lot of different institutes and colleges that specialize in florist studies. For example, the Floral Design Institute in Portland, is a wonderful organization, and they do a lot of instruction on how to become a florist, and they teach you everything, from how to make a boutonniere, to a funeral arrangement, to just making Valentine arrangements with roses, so you can get a full spectrum of what you need to know, and there's also lots of online classes that you can take, and you can do your own research too, but I have found experience is still the best, and even becoming a master gardener, or taking gardening classes, will help you with the florists too, because then that way, you can grow your own plants, or understand the whole process, and by learning all the names of plants too, it will help you a lot, and still, I found by working in a florist shop part-time, even volunteering your time, you will learn so much more, than you will in any course, because hands on experience is what really matters, and you will learn as you go, so by taking any type of classes, you can have more credibility, and then that way, when you do start your own florist shop, or your own flower business, then you can say, I'm a graduate of the Floral Art Institute, or I'm a master gardener, or I have taken these classes already, at the local college, and you will have all the certification you need, to be a florist.