Types of Pots for House Plants

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All right you can plant your plants in a variety of pots and materials. This one here is a ceramic pot with a nice glaze on it. Ceramic actually dries out very fast because it is porous. Also, it has a very small drainage hole on the bottom so I want to make sure that whatever I plant in here has sufficient drainage. You could add some part charves. You can plant in plastic which will hold onto the water a lot longer. You can see probably better drainage. Different shapes, variety of shapes, color, sizes, plant and whatever. It also depends on what you have planted in your pots. This is a fiber pot and as you can see it dries out pretty quickly but you can see that this is a really big plant and kind of a small pot. This plant needs a lot of water. So either I would have to water it all the time or I should bump it up and put it in a bigger pot or it's a momma and I could just plant it outside in the ground. So I can give it all the water it needs. This was just planted in this 12 inch terracotta pot. They are very tiny plants in a lot of soil. You can tell they are not too happy about it. See this little plant has died because I think sometimes it stays too wet for too long and maybe it would have been better if I planted in 3 inch pots than and then planted. I think they would have grown a lot faster so we may do that next time.