Propagation of Pitcher Plants Through Division

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Propagation of pitcher plants through division is easy with these tips, learn how to care for the North American Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia) in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! My name is Wes on behalf of and in this video segment I am going to talk to you about propagating your sarracenias through division. If you want to know more about carnivorous plants, you can visit us at So right here we have a sarracenia that is ready to be divided. We can see right here that the pot is pretty crowded and it appears that there are several plants growing inside this. When you are dividing your sarracenias, the best time to do this is during the Fall or in the early Spring particularly when the plant is not in its prime growing season. So when we are about to divide this plant, you want to remove it from the pot and remove as much soil from the root system as you can and as we are doing this, we can start to differentiate the different plants and we should be able to identify where some of the plants are and we can start to tease them apart. You want to be very careful at this point because you can damage the rhizome of the plant but you also want to be firm enough to be able to divide the plants individually. When you are dividing, you want to make sure that each division has its own separate root system. As you can see here and here, these plants have more than enough roots to start a new plant. So once we have several different divisions, we can start potting them up in new pots. Again, here we are using moist carnivorous plant soil, peat moss, pearl light mixture and you want to go ahead and pot each one of these plants like you would if you were transplanting them regularly. Go ahead and make a nice hole for their root system and place them inside and make sure they have enough soil around the roots and you can continue with each one of these plants. After we finished transplanting our last plant, we can finish it off with spray of water on each plant and as you can see now, we have 5 plants where before we had 1.