What Plants Prevent Mosquitoes?

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A plant that can prevent mosquitoes from inhabiting a yard is the tanzi plant, but removing standing water is much more effective in getting rid of a mosquito population. Take measures to remove mosquitoes from the back yard with plant advice from an... View Video Transcript

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I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. Are there plants out there that are going to prevent mosquitoes? No, not really. Now I will tell you a couple of things that will help you. One will be if you've got standing water. If you've got a pot or a container that's holding a lot of water, drain off that water in that container because if water sits for any length of time, even an inch or two in a wheelbarrow, or an inch or two in a pot, you may find that the little mosquitoes will start up pretty quickly during the summertime. So prevention is probably your best answer. Now there are a couple of plants, one is called tanzi, it's a plant that has kind of an aromatic leaf that some people say may help to prevent mosquitoes in that little porch area or little area that you're gardening in. If you want to get a little tanzi plant, it won't hurt and it might be a minor help. But good prevention is probably the key here if you want to keep mosquitoes out of your backyard. I might even try some neem oil on your skin, there's a product called Neem that's been developed for your skin that can help prevent mosquitoes from landing and biting. Some of the mosquitoes can of course carry some pretty bad diseases so that will be helpful. For askmrgreenthumb.com, I'm Stan DeFreitas.