Planting Outdoors: Growing an Herb Garden

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Planting outdoors: Growing your own indoor - outdoor herb garden: Learn how to make a basic herb garden in this free gardening video series, with tips for herb selection, soil preparation methods, planting techniques, and herb plant maintenance. View Video Transcript

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Hello, my name is Jose Zuniga. I'm representing We are going to be planting an outdoor herb garden. Well my location happens to be right across from the kitchen, cause after all when I'm cooking I don't want to be running across town for my herbs. Make it a accessible: location, location. Once you have selected the herbs that you are going to be using, the next task is you got to place them—are they direct sun, or how much sun do they like, do they like any sun. Aloe for some reason does not like the sun. So what we are going to do, this is going to be its new home because there is a tree right above us, there is a wall that is going to protect it from the sun as well, and it should be able to do good in here. Now when it comes to oregano, oregano I decided to put around here because oregano just kind of grows up and just falls. Then this is also good for a hanging basket, so that oregano is going to go here. Now we it comes to thyme, this acts like more like... it just kind of grows up and it stays there. And they'll spread a little bit faster; this is going to be its home. Now marjoram, this particular one, it's just going to spread, goes about it's own business, so we will have it right here. Basil, now basil is going to grow up and it is going to drop, and it is going to act like a ground cover. So this is going to be perfect; it can just go anywhere that its want to go. Now it comes to tarragon, tarragon is just going to grow tall. So this particular corner is going to go perfect for it. This location would have been excellent if we had mint, because as you know mint just flies every were. So it would be great because we could use a divider to just have it there on that corner. It could grow were ever you want it but you could keep the mint in that location. Now always be careful on how you are going to plant your herbs; and come on help me with this one right here. Okay apply pressure like I always say. Loosen up the roots, hold it to the bottom, there we go. Slowly. And is dry, it is okay. Try to do a little bit of a circular, by creating a circular you would be able to retain water; we know of course we have got to emphasize drainage. It is a big factor, but just a little bit would be fine. Well as you could see, this is how we plant outdoor herb garden. And come on, help me—we still have to do the rest of them.