How to Water Plants Correctly

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Okay so last thing I want to do is water some plants correctly. Gonna water this, try not to get too many leaves wet and get the soil saturated and just let that one through, wet pretty good. This plant is a little dry and fill up the pot and let this one run through. This one because again we've decided it's a lot of soil and not a lot of plant I don't want to give this one too much water but yet it does need some around its roots so we're just going to give it a little. You know in a production setting I wouldn't really be allowed to water this way but just so we don't saturate everything will be enough to keep those going. Then we have our very over watered plant and we're going to see what happens. The water is going to pour right through, probably pour through very quickly. And it poured through pretty fast but because it was so dry you can see that it really didn't get the plant wet even though it came through so I would have to water this plant quite a few times to get it really soaked. So the other plants I wouldn't water this much but because this plant is so terribly wilted, now it's starting to get a little heavy. This plant again remember we put it in this dish so if we have a lot of excess water we have to remember to empty it out. A little water is fine but if it is sitting in water we would have to remove some of it. So let's see, it's getting there, some of the water is getting through. I wouldn't have to show that it was all saturated, make sure that it was completely saturated because I think that if I left it overnight and came back through capillary action it would work its way through the soil. But maybe I water it one more time. You can see some of it is getting wet. That's about it, water happy.