Mixing Soil for Transplanting Hostas

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OK, I'm going to prepare my soil mix for planting my hosta in this newly created hole here. So, what we're going to do is take one part of the existing soil that we have from the hole and we're going to put it in this wheelbarrow here. I'm also going to add some humus because hostas generally like rich soil, and that's this dark organic matter here that I have. So, it's a one to one to one ratio, so I'm going to put a little bit of that in my wheelbarrow as well. I also have peat moss which helps aerate the soil and is just another light mix that roots can root into easily because it is so lightweight, and I'm gonna put that into my wheelbarrow as well. I'm gonna kinda combine these together and blend them together. The hostas in general are an acid loving plant. We have some lime here and I'm just gonna put a little pinch of it in to help sweeten that soil just a little bit 'cause I think roots root easier in a non-acid type soil mix . We also have some garden gypsum that we're gonna put in that will help break up this clay soil that I have and some phosphorous. Phosphorous helps stimulate root development and plant vigor and helps fight against disease. And, we're gonna put like a tablespoon or two in our mixture there. I have one more thing. If you have an area that you're not able to water very frequently, and you want to keep your root system nice and moist, there's this terra sorb gel. And we're just going to put a tablespoon of that and as we add water to this mixture in and around the plant, the gel will absorb. And, we're just going to combine all that and make a nice fluffy mix, being sure to get out any kind of clumpy balls of anything. Like here's a clump. You want to break that up and rub it in your hands and just stir it up like that. Get it nice and combined and fluffy. There you go, it's all ready to go.