How to Store Harvested Seeds

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Properly store your fruit and vegetable seeds once you've harvested them from your garden; learn how in this free online organic gardening video full of harvesting and seed storage tips. View Video Transcript

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So, when you harvest your seeds and you have them in a dry form and you’ve separated them and they’re ready for storage, what you want to do is put them in paper. You don’t ever want to use plastic. So what I do is I save old, I save damaged envelopes. I just sort of throw them in with my seeds. And then whenever I need to put seeds away, I have those envelopes.

This is parsley seed harvested five-five from Tracy’s garden. This is broccoli seed harvested three-five from this house. So that’s what I do. I write on the envelope the type of seed and where it’s harvested and the date it was harvested. That’s really all you need to know. The reason that you need to know the date is you want to use the seed within a year or so.