How to Care for Hanging Basket Plants

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Protecting your hanging baskets requires paying attention to watering times and insects. Learn how to care for hanging baskets by protecting your plants from mildew and aphids in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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To protect your hanging baskets from fungus's and mildew, make sure that you water your baskets early every morning, because if you water them any other time of the day, they do come up with the mildew and that kind of thing. And check in your foliage for your mites or aphids. You look at the bottom of them. There's all kinds of chemicals that you can get. You can get the flower killer with the insect. You can go to lowe's or home depot or where ever. Also for killing your aphids, aphids breed through their skin, so therefore just spray your plants with soap and with water. So basically when you do have diseases such as aphids, make sure that you keep your flowers sprayed with your dish washing liquid and with your water because that does, they breed through their skin and that will take care of any of the diseases that you may find.