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Learn what types of flowers and palm trees to plant in your Corner Garden. Planting Mexican Palms and Vincas. Learn where to Purchase flowers and Palm trees. How to fertilize your Corner Garden. View Video Transcript

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Hello, my name Jose Seniga, I'm representing Well today basically our project consist of a corner palm garden. Well the reason why I selected this is because in this neighborhood palms are everywhere. My favorite one happens to be the Mexican Fan Palm, also known as the Washingtonia Robusta. You know what? Not only is it tall, it's elegant, it grows between 2 to 3 stories high and you know what? It's low maintenance as well, I love that. Another thing, it's going to survive the heat, it enjoys the sun, any climate it's a survivor and it'll survive just about any type soil as well. Also what we're going to do is we're going to beautify it with a flower bed of Vincas. Vincas are known to enjoy the full sun as well and they love that torchure as well when it comes to soil. We're going to go step by step, where to purchase it, the selection of the palms and you know one thing you have to consider is that you buy the baby ones, they only grow between 6 to 1 feet per year. So one thing to consider as well and I'm going to show you how to fertilize it, how to maintain it throughout the year and like I said, it's very low maintenance, so come on let's enjoy this project.