How to Prepare Garden Beds

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Okay, planting a bed or planting your garden. The best thing you can do is to use your supply catalog. This is the catalog that we use. You can see it's very well used. We keep it out all the time. For any of the plants you buy, any of the seeds you buy, or if you buy them through a nursery, talk to them. There's a tremendous amount of information contained about whatever it is you're growing right here in the book. That's the best thing to do is to read that before you start because it'll give you all kinds of stuff. You need to know when in the season to plant whatever plant it is you're putting in. You need to know how far apart to plant it, how deep to plant it, and what kinds of things it likes to grow with or doesn't like to grow with. We have our prepared bed and we just have some sample seeds here. One of the things to know about seeds is in general, seeds can be planted about as deep as they are large. This great big fava bean seed needs to go in much deeper than this little beet seed. The beet seeds also can go closer together. Same rule of thumb, which is that beets can go about as far apart as an inch or so. A very small seed. You never want to plant things closer than maybe half an inch or an inch, because you will have to thin them. These great big bean seeds need to have a nice deep hole and be well planted and padded. It's always good to give them a little pat on the top so they're not too loose when they start to grow.