How to Mix Soil for Perennials

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Okay. I'm going to put my peat moss in here. It's a 1/3 to 1/3 ratio. I'm going to work a little bit of my phosphorus. I'm just going to take a small handful for this because I'm doing an individual plant. I'm going to take some of my garden gypsum and sprinkle that in , about a handful of line, and just a pinch like we're baking of my terrasorb. I'm just going to work that all in and fluff that mix and get it all nice and combined. I'm going to get out these little clumps if there's any clumps in the soil, which here's a big clump. You just kind of rub it in your hands. You can use gloves, but I like to use my hands and get it all worked in there. Once it's combined and seems like it's nice and fluffy, you can add it in the bottom of your hole and you can fill in around with your perennial. This is a nice soil mix.