Cultivating Your Alligator Jaw Plants

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Talking about the succulent the alligator jaw again, the growing conditions that you grow these plants in have a lot to do with the way they look. This plant right here is so much greener the leaves are even a little broader so I guess can get the photosynthesis going from the chlorophyll that is available. The leaves are wider. For this plant that we were looking at a while ago, has been out in the sun more. It has splotches of dark color and it is a lot darker and the leaves are even narrower and they don't have as much surface area conceivable for the plant to even get what you might call a plant sunburn. So the growing condition of this plant has a whole lot to do with the way the plant is going to look and you are going to find that with a lot of house plants. But these are exactly the same plant. Probably came from the same mother plant or I know they did because I only got a few cuttings that time. This plant here as I was showing earlier about the roots, this plant here was thrown in here. My son knocked it off or actually out of its pot, broke it off and he brought it over here and threw it down because he figured it would die and we would just compost the thing. Well it is growing now and what we are trying to show with this is the differences in the width of the leaves, the coloration of the leaves from one that has been exposed to the sun and this one which has been basically put underneath the bench back here and kept out of direct sunlight. So there is a lot of difference in the way your plants can look by the amount of life that they get.