Re-Potting Plants Carefully & Easily

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Taking an easy and safe approach to re-potting plants is discussed in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi, John here, Paradise Palm here in Salt Lake City, Utah on the behalf of Expert And, last, I might choose to either pour, grab with your hands, or use another alternative container to simply scoop the soil. Most importantly is to pour around the plant all the soil, and do not pack it. Air space in soil, for a plant, is a very good thing to have. You do not want to pack your soil. If anything, pour enough that it gets all the way around the plant, around the top, not packing it, let it settle on its own. And, last but not least, once you've done that, usually the soil your putting in is reasonably dry. Once you've chosen to put it in there, you're not pushing down on the soil, water the plant. When you water it, water it evenly, side to side, until it drains out the bottom. What that'll do is water the plant appropriately so you can get away with a week between watering, and it will pack the soil down without you having to push it down around the roots. Do not pack it down, use good soil, proper drainage, something to obstruct your drainage holes without blocking them, and you'll have a happy, healthy plant for years to come.