Gladiolus Murielae Exotic Flower Bulbs

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Gladiolus Murielae is a beautiful South African flower. Learn how to plant gladiolus murielae flower bulbs with expert gardening tips in this free exotic flower video. View Video Transcript

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Many people already have South African plants in their garden. Gladiolus are from South Africa and there's many varieties of Gladiolas that you can buy for your garden. One of my favorite Gladiolus is the Gladiolus Murielae. They were formally known as Acidanthera or Acidanthera. And recently, they, through botanical DNA testing, they've realized they're actually Gladiolus so they've put them back into the Gladiolus Murielae family. So I'm always fascinated by plant taxonomy, but you don't need to know any of that, to grow it in your garden. It's just a little Hershey's Kiss candy ball that you plant about three inches deep. They come up with these beautiful white flowers with like a burgundy wine center with an intoxicating fragrance. It's just a gorgeous, gorgeous fragrance, and gorgeous flower. They like full hot sun and room to multiply and most years they make it in the Northwest, but when we have the bad ice storms or every one in ten years I might lose them if they get too cold. But either way, I love to grow them. And I always plant three or more in a triangle, in a sunny spot about three inches deep and they bloom every summer. And I take tons of pictures of them because they are my favorite Gladiolus in the world. Gorgeous Acidantherea from South Africa. In the next segment, we'll talk about Agapanthus or Lilly of the Nile.