Tips Identifying Dry Plants

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All right this is an example of a dry pot. You can tell the soil and color is a lot lighter and it just looks dry. So I a guessing that I can also poke into it. There is a little bit of soil moisture. You can see the darker color but overall, it looks a little dry. The weight is a lot lighter and you can pick it up with no problem. So there is not a lot of water in this pot. Also one thing that I always see with these plants is the color. I think the color of the leaves get a little dull when the plants are dry. Barely starting to wilt but the colors are off. If I watered this plant, it would probably back off. The wilt would go away and the nice color would come back. If I didn't water this plant today, I think it would just continue to wilt and if I just let it go, it would reach what they call a permanent wilting point, a point of no return where this plant would just shrivel up and die.