Introduction to Raised Garden Beds

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A raised bed garden is a way of containing your soil and the environment for your plant. Raised beds can be made out of numerous things so today we're going to be using a bath tub. They can be build out of concrete, bricks, wood, cross ties I've seen them build out of old tires. Just anything that is recyclable that will hold the material and provide for drainage and one of the reasons you use a raised bed is so that you can tailor the soil and provide for the roots to develop in and then have drainage so you can get access water away from it. Raised beds are the ideal situation because of the way they can be constructed to tailor to the plants that are going to be grown in them. It needs to be larger enough to contain the roots system deep enough to contain the root system but also large enough to contain the plant. You can't plant oak tree in a one gallon bucket.