Vegetable Garden Layouts

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Create a vegetable garden layout by only including vegetables that the family will eat, providing proper spacing room for different vegetables and making sure the tallest plants are the furthest from the sun so that they don't block out the small plants... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I am going to talk about vegetable garden layouts. So we all have wonderful intentions in the middle of Winter of having a gorgeous vegetable garden the next Summer and how much we're going to enjoy it especially when we're spending the kind of money that we're spending in the middle of Winter on vegetables. So we swear to ourselves we are going to grow the ultimate vegetable garden and we're not going to spend that kind of money next Winter, we're going to grow it all, freeze it all and save it so that we can enjoy it. So when you are laying out a vegetable garden or making a plant there is a lot of different considerations that you should make. First of all I like to grow only the vegetables that I like eat. So don't bother growing spinach if you don't like spinach or if you love radishes then grow lots of radishes but if you are the only one in the family that likes endive then make sure that only grow a couple plants. So when you're growing your plants or making a layout, make sure to remember that less is more because corn takes three feet to grow so you have got three feet around whereas spinach will only take six inches and peas will only take three inches apart and they grow on to a trellis or a vine and you have to have something for them to grow on to so you want to make sure that the taller vegetables are the furtherest away from the sun and they're not shading out the other vegetables and you want your smaller vegetables in the front and when you're laying out your vegetable plants you've got to remember that the cold climate vegetables like the carrots and the beets can be started in the Spring, early Spring right after the last frost but tomatoes you don't want to set them out until it is 50 degrees at night and at least 70 degrees during the day. So when you're laying it out make sure that you make a plan as to when you're going to plant your vegetables knowing that some are going to be planted later than others and you want to group them in groups of three. I still like odd numbers and make it look so that all of the vegetables are represented and can show. You never want to hide any in the corner where they're not going to get any light or you are not going to see them and do your research and figure out which vegetables grow the best in your area and put a grid together and put little blocks and just put into the blocks where you want to plant everything and even though you might not go exactly to the grid you can still have an idea where you want to plant things when Spring comes and you are ready to plant.