Planting Tips for Your Corner Garden

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How to properly plant the plants in the new garden in this free online instructional gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Hello my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing we are finally here at this stage we are going to plant our garden and you know what we are going to start with the vincas. We are going to work ourselves this way and move backwards. What do you do? Apply pressure to the container we are going to start here from the end and work yourself in. There we go we got 1, a little bit of soil, another one aren't these are beauty. It is just going to give them there space remember about the space here I'm going to give it about 3 inches apart from the vincas. They are also known as Theresita's, put one more there we go ain't the a beauty. Same thing space it out, there we go. Well you know what I bought to many, it is always good to have extras just to be sure. Well can you believe it I only use one container that is pretty good just put all the soil here all around it. We got the vincas buried know let's work with our palm tree. Put it out wow look at that this is what I'm talking about do you see the moisture in the roots it penetrated the entire palm. Place it here, add some soil, there we go all around it, split it. That is great you know I'm going to finish the rest of the vincas in a minute I'm going to put them all around the flower bed and this is how we plant our garden.