How Do Flowering Plants Sexually Reproduce?

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Flowering plants sexually reproduce when birds or bees gather pollen from a plant and transfer it onto a different plant. Discover how flowering plants need to intermix DNA with other plants in order to stay strong with insight from a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda from In this segment we are going to learn all about how plants sexually reproduce. Now plants have been around for as long as humans have. Most plants are a-sexual. That means that they have the man and the woman part within the same plant. So they really don't need other plants to reproduce, but just like other plants and other animals, they need some genetic variety because if they are always cloning themselves over the years their DNA kind of breaks down and doesn't get as strong. So they need other plants to interact with their DNA. So how do they do that? Well, they depend on bees and butterflies and birds mostly to reproduce sexually. So this is a crocosmia carmine brilliant and it has they little seeds right here are the boy part and right in the middle of all of that comes out this big stylus this little part right here and there is no seed there, that is the woman part. So that's the female part. So for a-sexually it doesn't need another plant it will actually pollinate itself. But for genetic variety, it can produce sexually and how that happens is a butterfly or a hummingbird will come in and get pollen off of this crocosmia, fly around the neighborhood and go to a different variety of crocosmia and get the pollen off of that one and as the hummingbird does that they put some pollen from a different variety on to this female part. It'll make a seed pod after the bloom's done and it's going to be a different genetic variety that this one. Maybe it's been crossed with a red lucipher and so you are going to get different colors and different strains of plants. So different plants can intermix their DNA. They just need help, whether it be from the wind or putting two plants next to each other or having hummingbirds or butterflies as long as the DNA which is basically the seeds, the boy part of one plant, intermixes with the female part of another plant you can sexually produce other new varieties of plants.