Where Can I Buy Garden Spiders?

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Garden spiders can be purchased from a company called Spider Farm, but generally spiders can be attracted by attracting bugs to a garden. Get spiders to inhabit a garden, killing off all kinds of pesky bugs, with information from a sustainable gardener... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about where to buy garden spiders? Now spiders, this one is actually plastic so it's not real, they're actually a benefit to your garden and they eat all types of bugs that eat your plants so encouraging spiders in your garden is such a beneficial thing to do because they are really great for the environment and they kill the bad bugs and save the good bugs. So there is a lot of companies that sell spiders and most of them are used for pharmaceutical reasons or for the venom because they are doing all types of studies for the venom and using them in medicine so Spider Farm is a company that you can use to buy spiders and they'll ship them to you. But really my attitude is even if you buy spiders or lady bugs or any other bugs and put them in your gardens you have to have an area that they're going to want to stay in because if you have no plants or you have no natural nesting areas the spiders won't hang out, they'll leave eventually or they won't survive. So the easiest way that you can attract spiders is to attract bugs. So just by putting a night light out away from the house, you don't want it by the front door because you don't want spiders in the house but if you put a night light out in your garden or at the side of the house you will find that over time the spiders will come and they will make spider webs near your night light because wherever there is bugs there will be spiders and then that way if you collect the spiders and give them a place to live and make sure and in the Fall instead of cutting out all of the dead foliage if you actually leave some on the ground or you leave some dead branches in the trees the spiders will come. So if you have a natural place where you are not using pesticides and any type of chemicals and you give them a nice place to live the spiders will come.