Drawbacks of Raised Garden Beds

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Raised gardens have their place in most peoples gardens situation. The gardening that you are going to do in a raised bed is generally speaking small scale. You are not ever going to be able to raise enough to feed the whole neighborhood but you'll be able to raise top quality stuff. Also you are not going to be able to raise mechanized tillers or tools like that and even you might not even use a whole lot of holes and stuff. But on the other hand the soil that you're going to be building is going to have such stealth and such loosens you can farm it with your hands. Like I said a while ago you're not going to have many weeds so there is a lot of good things about a raised bed garden. But there are a few drawbacks. One of the drawbacks to a raised bed garden is they need to be tended. There is no such thing as bottom moisture when you have a contained bed that is in a container there is no such thing as the wick action or the osmoses kind of action that moisture has a raising to the surface. In some soils when the surface does get dry in a raised bed garden when it dries out, there is nothing to come from the bottom to give the roots a drink.