How to Fertilize House Plants

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Hi, John, Paradise Palm here in Salt Lake City, Utah on the behalf of Just want to go over briefly how and when you want to fertilize a plant in your house or in your office. First and foremost, is have a plant that needs to be fertilized and also a fertilizer. I recommend you use an indoor houseplant fertilizer. And, we have some here, it's a very large bottle. But, most important is, read the fine print. Follow the directions. If it recommends a tablespoon per gallon, go with a tablespoon or less. General rule of thumb, in the summer you want to water the plant, with fertilizer, once a month. And, if you do it more than once, you want to do a half strength solution. In the winter, you want to water your plant with fertilizer no more than once every two months because they use far less fertilizer and have far less fertilizer needs. But, most important, follow those directions. I always recommend going far more dilute than they recommend and doing it only at the prescribed amounts. Once a month in summer, once every two months in winter. No more, or you'll do more damage to your plant than good.