Where to Buy Black Roses

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To buy a black rose, search online, visit a local florist, or use food coloring to dye a white rose black. Order black roses from the Back Rose Company with plant information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on flowers. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about where to buy black roses. Now, black roses are definitely a conversation piece, and whether it's Halloween, or you're going to a 80's goth party, or if you just want to surprise a friend, or family member or a loved one with some black roses, they're easy to obtain. A lot easier than you think. Now there's no such thing as a true black rose, there's only dark dark red roses. So it's one of those items in nature that you're never going to find, but you can just take any color rose and spray paint it. And this is just a red rose that's been spray painted black to make it look black, and it's great because it will dry just like it is. Now you can also take white roses and use food coloring, or any type of black dye, and put it in a recycled container, something where you don't mind if it stains black, and you just dip the white rose right into the color and it will soak it up, and you can also have a black rose that way. But remember, it'll soak up... if you're starting from the bottom all the leaves will turn black as well, which is always entertaining too. There are different websites, too, that will sell black roses. There's The Black Rose Company, and a couple other companies that I found online that will ship anywhere in the United States, and if you live abroad, I'm sure that you can contact your local florist, or obtain some of your own roses, and dye them yourself. It's really that easy.