How to Select a Spot for a Garden

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I'm Doug Smiddy of Smiddy's Gardening Services here on behalf of and welcome to my garden. Today we're here to talk about low maintenance gardening. Now what we're going to talk about is where to put the garden. Probably the most important decision you're going to have make. Now what I did before I choose this location was I watched the sun everyday and watched how the light shined on a particular area and where is going to get the most sunlight, sun exposure and the slope of the ground too that's also very important. Now, your plants want at least 8 hours of direct sunlight a day. So this location turned out to be ideal. The sun pretty much for the season rises directly behind me which is to the east and comes overhead and back around this way. In this particular garden I get between 8 and 10 hours of direct sunlight a day but I can not over emphasize how important it is to look at your yard and even take notes as to what areas are going to get that amount of sun before you choose it.