Equipment for a Perennial Garden

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Learn the equipment you need to maintain a garden of perennial plants and flowers in this gardening video from a year-round garden expert. View Video Transcript

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What's the best type of equipment to use? Well, as far as gardening goes, any kind of gardening, what you need to do is get your soil in the best condition it could possibly in. I found having a simple hoe is one of the best and fundamental things for gardening. My father had this hoe about 50 years ago and he passed it on to me. Through the years, all it needs is a good sharpening now and then. It's sharp on one end, it'll cut through the weeds, it loosens up the soil. Basically speaking, if I had one piece of equipment it would probably be this hoe. To start a garden, you need to have just a nice comfortable shovel because you have to dig your soil, you have to prepare. This shovel basically has an easy handle. Again, this fairly old. Nothing fancy about it but it works just fine. Another thing that I find to be very helpful is a nice sharp pair of clippers. One of the nice things about gardening, especially perennial gardening, is they keep coming back. When you clip something down to the ground, usually it'll just end up nice foliage as you get to have again and again. These are nice sharp clippers. As you can see they get a little dirty because the dust and dirt get on them. Just wipe them off, they are sharp. These work just fine for any hand tool. If you do want to have something else, just a nice little trowel for transplanting. These little trowels will transplant a plant, go under, put in a new hoe, then you water it, and you're all set. You don't have to have 500 pieces of equipment. 3 or 4 basic ones is all you need for perennial gardening.