Attracting Butterflies to a Garden

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Attracting butterflies to a garden involves providing plants that blossom from spring until fall and offering many pollinating opportunities for single-blossom flowers. Encourage butterflies to come to a garden, also offering plants to lay their eggs on... View Video Transcript

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You really want to attract as many butterflies into your garden as possible, not only because they're really beautiful to look at, but also because they're very valuable pollinators of plants. In order to encourage butterflies into your garden, it's really important to provide a long season of flowering plants, plants that are in flower from spring right through to late autumn for butterflies to feed from. Butterflies are not the strongest fliers, so it's important to situate your bed in a sheltered area. Butterflies also really like the sun, so try and make sure your bed is in a sunny area, which makes sense, because you want to have sun loving plants anyway. Butterflies like simple single flowering flowers, which provide easy access for nectar, very often complicated plants with multiple flowers actually are hybrids and do not provide nectar or smells to attract butterflies. Butterflies like flowers to be planted in clumps, they can move from flower to flower, as well as make sure to have a continuous display of flowers throughout the year to encourage butterflies into your garden. Ensure that the flowers that you plant are single flowering specimens. It's also worthwhile planting plants for butterflies to lay their eggs for the larva to eat when they hatch. A very popular plant for this is nettles. And that's how you can attract butterflies into your wildlife garden.