Benefits of Hoop Houses in Gardening

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A hoop house in an unheated greenhouse made with plastic and hoops. Learn benefits of using hoop houses for growing greens from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Most people don't realize that here in snowy New England, you can grow greens around the calendar. The secret is using an unheated backyard hoophouse. Today we're going to be covering all that you need to know to grow gourmet greens around the calendar. We're going to cover soil mixing, seeding, transplanting, tending your transplants, as well as how to harvest your beautiful gourmet crops. In New England, many people don't eat salad in the winter, or have to resort to bought food. We in this outdoor hoophouse have ready access to the most delicious lettuces, totsoy, spinaches, kale, arugula, chard, cilantro, and Swiss chard, all year long. And not only that; in the winter the greens taste better; they gather up sugar to prevent freezing. In other words, they use they use sugar as an antifreeze. If you haven't tasted winter greens out of a hoophouse, you haven't yet lived.