Crown Vetch Plants

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Crown vetch plants were first used as erosion control 30 years ago, but they have grown into an invasive weed taking over forests, lawns and meadows. Keep crown vetch plants contained to prevent overgrowth with helpful information from a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk all about crown vetch plants. Now crown vetch was introduced about 20, 30 years ago for erosion control because it has great, thick roots and it's a beautiful plant for hillsides. And it will stop the soil from falling off the hillside. But what has happened over time is that it has become an invasive weed and is taking over forests and lawns and meadows and all over because it's becoming a huge problem. So you want to make sure if you're growing your crown vetch that you want to be careful where it's grown because it can take over into natural areas. And it is a legume, it is related to beans or sweet peas so it's a vining plant. So it needs full hot sun and good drainage. And so you want to grow it somewhere where it has lots of room to grow and it is really a beautiful plant with beautiful flowers but you have to use it with care because like many other plants it can become invasive. So grow your crown vetch with care and enjoy it for many years.