Tips for Creating a Moon Garden

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series we have learned all about moon gardening. How to select plants, how to select a location, how to plant them, when to plant them, and when they are going to bloom, the best garden art and how important water is for your moon garden. So once you have examined all these factors, you realize a moon garden really isn't that different from an ordinary garden. It is just all white flowers or light colored flowers, silver flowers, luminescent flowers that glow in the moon light. So now is the time to designate an area of your garden as your own moon garden. Start collecting all white flowers and garden art with stars and moons that way you too can enjoy the glory of a moon garden. Make sure when you incorporate a moon garden that you add sight, sound, hearing, and feeling aspects of it because that is really what you are going to remember too. There are so many ways to add pizzazz to your moon garden. Thanks for watching this series on moon gardening and I hope you enjoy yours in the future.