Changing the Air Filter of Lawn Mower

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Changing the air filter on a lawn mower is an important part of maintenance, get expert tips and advice on lawn mower repair & maintenance in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Peter Gutwein and today we’re talking about some basic lawnmower repairs and the next step here would be after you change your oil and sharpen the blade, I’d like to move on to checking your air filter out. On this more the air filter is located on the side right here, other mowers they’d be located on the top or it’ll be something visible that you can see. So this one is held in by a 5/16 bolt and so we’re just going to pull that out and take a look at, see what we have here. Okay you just pry it open right there and then the whole thing should usually just fall out right like that, this is a pleated style air filter. As you can see it’s pretty dirty, dirt is an enemy to your mower and this block out, so it’s done its job it’s cleaned underneath there. Another thing I’ve seen a lot of in a lawnmower shop is where the mower won’t start and it’s because this thing is completely crammed full of grass, it won’t breathe at all so I’ll go ahead and get another air filter here and we can install a new one. Okay, so we have our new air filter here, it’s much brighter and much cleaner. What I like to do with a new air filter, you can kind of clean up the cover here a little bit and use compressed air or just kind of clean up by hand it doesn’t really matter. But what I like to do is I like to set it in the cover like that and then line up the three tabs in the bottom and just put it right back on top and then tighten it down. This is something that you should do once a year to keep everything nice and clean, even though it may not look super dirty, small particles get in those bins. When you blow them out real hard with compressed air, a lot of times you will blow out the actual air filter so it’s actually helping dirt get in at that point, so to put in a new one it’s not that expensive and it will make your mower last a lot longer. That’s how you change an air filter.